About us
Hi I am Nick, creator of What Sticks. I am passionate about wellness and using data to provide insights on our wellness.

The primary driver for building What Sticks is a desire to leverage data that I know already exists to build meaningful and personalized wellness benchmarks. I believe that with a little bit of navigating our everyday applications and devices can start working to provide us insights that really move the needle and improve our lives.

Currently, What Sticks provides personalized feedback to these questions:
How much sleep do I need?
How much walking should I do?
How much does weather impact my daily habits?

What Sticks builds on what other products like Oura Ring and Apple Health have already done. I think Oura Ring is a fantastic device because it can passively monitor my sleep and give me accurate readings.

But I want to take this work one step further and answer why my sleep is one way or another.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo of What Sticks you can check out my data by logging in as a guest.

If you’d like to register and see how these data compare to your benchmarks sign up.

More about What Sticks

Article: Healthcare is Not Up To Date

iOS device application coming soon!

Here are the current Github repos: Web, API, Scheduler, iOS applicaiton

More about Nick

Medium: Nick Rodriguez
Twitter: @EvryMnRodriguez
Github: costa-rica
LinkedIn: Nick Rodriguez
Email: nick@dashanddata.com