Does outside weather impact how much I walk?

I have the answer for me. But for you might be different.

Here is my Steps Dashboard at what-sticks.com.

Figure 1 What Sticks Steps Dashboard

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The three metrics it is measuring right now are:
  • cloud cover
  • outdoor temperature
  • Oura ring sleep score

At the top is cloud cover. The impact score is a percentage correlation. For cloud cover this means that days that are cloudy I walk less because the sign is negative.

It is also the most impactful of the three metrics What Sticks (WS) is monitoring right now because it is the largest percentage from zero.

Next, is the average outdoor temperature. It has a 21% Impact Score. Since the sign is positive that means that when it is warm outside, I tend to walk more.

Surprisingly, my sleep has very little impact on how much I walk. The 6% score means that when I get higher quality of sleep, based on my Oura ring sleep score, then I walk more outside.

If you’re interested in seeing your scores sign up at what-sticks.com.